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Regenerative Farming Approach

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Holistic Farming Approach

Korinya Farm Gate is more than just a farm. It is a family, a community, and an experience for all of its visitors, journeying through the trials, tribulations, and epic rewards of transitioning from conventional to regenerative farming.

Scott and Mary-anne Mickan, along with their wonderful family, have evolved their farming practices with a vision towards sustainable living and farming, and delivering the rewards of that to their dedicated communities. There are many focus areas for the farm business, including growing regenerative pastures, moving to natural drenches and trace minerals, closed loop practices from rearing to butchering, strip grazing, delayed weaning, and even incorporating a boutique raw accredited butcher service, for the optimum health of their soil, their animals, and their customers.

The holistic farming approach of Korinya Farm Gate only elevates the end product they put on the market and they open their farm for the public to experience it for themselves. From Farm Tours for those interested in paddock to plate & regenerative farming, to doing the ‘morning rounds’ feeding the animals and milking the cows, and even workshops to turn that milk into cheese, and the cheese into pizza – all of these experiences are what make up life on Korinya Farm, and an enlightening and rewarding experience for all of its visitors.

Knowing where your meal comes from is one thing, seeing it in action, or putting it together from the raw product with your own hands is completely another – and this is an experience Korinya proudly offer to visitors to their home, their fans abroad, and to live day in day out at Korinya Farm.

Raw Boutique Butcher

Korinya Farm Gate boasts a raw accredited boutique butcher shop processing their very own holistically raised, pasture-fed meat. The Mickan family are proud to only process animals that are grown and raised ethically on their farm which allows them to know how the animals have been raised and treated and what they have and haven’t been given growing up. Korinya Farm Gate also focuses on ethical and low stress stock handling and local processing, which produces amazing tender meat. The animals are taken 10 minutes into town where they are processed and then brought back to Korinya. The meat is also hung for shorter durations to produce low histamine and low inflammation meat. Korinya Farm Gate is focused on nose to tail eating and making sure customers have the opportunity to experience different varieties of cuts within each pack. This has been an enjoyable experience for many of Korinya’s customers and we hope you too will enjoy the tender and holistically raised meat that we produce here at Korinya Farm Gate.