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Korinya Farm Gate

Korinya farm gate is a family owned and operated business with a focus on family, sustainability, education and passion for the animals. The skill of butchering has been passed down through generations. Korinya Farm Gate bridges the gap between the farm and the customer through education, workshops and connection.

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Korinya Farm Gate
Workshops at Home

Bring a piece of Korinya Farm Gate to your home and feel inspired with the guidance of our online video tutorials and the wonderful kits we’ve created for you. All Korinya Farm Gate experiences are based on our love of sustainable living, taught in an achievable way so you can be inspired to adopt the practices into your everyday life. The delight experienced by our visitors when they make something beautiful, delicious and utterly nutritious with their own hands, knowing where it has come from and how it was made, makes it taste all the better and only makes our passion grow. We are so pleased to bring this experience to you, wherever you find yourself in the world, with Korinya Farm Gate Workshops At Home.

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Workshops and Events at Korinya

A variety of Sustainable Living Workshops are offered at Korinya Farm Gate throughout the year, designed to encourage and equip participants on their journey towards a cleaner, healthier & enriched lifestyle. Our workshops have been created from an abundance of our farm and things that we’ve learnt. We want to share this with you and inspire you towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Mornings at Korinya

Join us for our morning homesteading rounds where you will get an interactive hands on experience feeding our pigs, chickens, goats, milking cows and even separating the mik. We will finish it off with a big seasonal Korinya Farm Gate breakfast. We also offer self-contained accomodation for families to experience the full homesteading farm life.

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Regenerative Farm Tours

Our regenerative farm tours are all about inspiring and allowing you to experience first hand what regenerative farming is and how our grass fed, pasture raised animals are cared for. We deliver it in an interactive homestead way so you will get the chance to milk a cow and feed the animals – it’s all about paddock to plate, seeing where your food comes from, and seeing it in its rawest form.

Boutique Butcher Shop

Korinya Farm Gate boasts a boutique raw-accredited butcher, processing Korinya’s own produce seasonally for optimal flavour, texture and sustainability. Korinya Farm Gate meat can be purchased here online or through door sales via appointment.

Recipes & More...

Almond Brownie

Enjoy a delicious and mouth-watering chocolate brownie that’s gluten free and full of goodness. A perfect treat when you’re feeling like something sweet!

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